“Over the last few years, the exhibit landscape has become cluttered, cloudy and fragmented.

According to respondents to an industry survey fielded by our sister magazine, Event Design, Fortune 1000 trade show teams, event departments and procurement officers are presented with “more choices than ever,” have “a difficult time telling one exhibit partner from another” and “need an easier way to separate the great ones from the good ones.”

In an effort to help clarify things for you and your procurement departments, we have created the first-ever editorial listing of top exhibit builders. Fabrication partners serving the U.S. applied in January by providing us information on their companies, their people, their culture and their offerings. They gave us direct access to their clients, case studies and raw numbers on capabilities, capacities and competencies. The editors of Event Marketer and Event Design, along with the analysts at the Event Marketing Institute, combed over the applications to compile what has been and will be forever be dubbed….The Fab 50, the top 50 exhibit fabricators serving Corporate America. (This section was mailed to our standard circulation plus a bonus mailing of several thousand procurement managers.)

When comparing and contrasting the companies you are about to learn about, there are several common trends that are clear and present. For one, Technology is the top upgrade many are embracing (followed closely by investments that pull dollars out of show floor service execution and into more important elements). Two, the strategic evolution that invaded the event agency sector has indeed come ashore in the land of exhibit builders–most are shoring up strategic chops and offering measurement, analytics and more. And three, today’s exhibits are being created with better reasons in mind–used now for client-facing, prospecting and sales generation. Some are more ahead of the curve than others, but as a whole there is a push to upgrade.

For trade show teams trying to understand who’s who and who does what, we created this inaugural list, presented in alpha order, just for you–to provide a bit of clarity. Congratulations to this year’s Fab 50.”

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