Walking the trade show floor, you can often tell the difference between a well-thought-out exhibit booth and one that’s been hastily planned.

In this podcast, Mike Scherer, President of Downing Displays, explains attracting people means creating a memorable experience.

Creating a memorable experience first starts with pre-event planning. Mike says, “It’s planning who you want to talk to, planning the things you do during the show that may not be in your space, and obviously the things you want to do and the people you want to attract and speak to at the show.”

Another trade show DO? “Try to create an experience, and whether that experience is doing something or seeing some type of motion visual that pulls you in, it’s finding something that creates a memory.”

Don’t forget, a memorable experience can also be negative. “Having people in the space that are on their phone, eating, or talking to coworkers,” is a turn-off. “You want to have people ready and looking interested,” suggest Mike.

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