Allure™ Software is a collection of customizable applications that provide a unique way to present your products or services. Welcome your visitors with your company logo, and visitor names. Visitors interested in brochures can view them on the screen in the e-documents app and request them to be sent directly to their email. This eliminates shipping of paper brochures by sending content directly to your visitor's email. You can even export collected information at a later time from the database to handle requests.


Give your touch-screen an iPad® look with the Slider. Swipe through images with just the flick of your finger. Images have to be either JPG or PNG formats.

Media Wall & Website Access

Multiple users can simultaneously view different PDFs, images, browse websites, view Google™ Maps, and watch YouTube videos. The media can be scaled and rotated through multi-touch gestures. Besides viewing, it is also possible to draw and make notes directly on the media. Each type of content has its own controls, e.g., PDF has page browse buttons, the video player has video controls, and images have drawing tools.

Games & Quizes

Inform and entertain your participants with a timed quiz. Its qualifying questions will help you discover the needs and interests of your visitor. Interactive puzzles and memory games will also increase brand awareness and engage your audience.

Interactive Map

Place markers containing your information on a Google Map. Marker content can be photos, videos, and PDFs. Use QR codes to create a scanable link for your markers.

Marker Program & Timeline

With Marker you can add extra content to your images using markers. Add touchable markers with specific content to your images. Markers also enable you to chronologically tell a story through videos, PDFs and JPG files.


With Tickertape, you can always display your selected information inside the start page. This can be text or an RSS feed. There is a clock that shows the current system time and ticker text that runs through the screen. Only valid RSS 2.00 is supported at the moment.

Allure Interactive Software